ACT III: Whose Collection? 
'In My Room'
series of photographs.

Words on the Series: 


After the realization that the student body technically owns the AMS Permanent Collection, we decided to explore the possibility of bringing some of the works to our own domestic and livable spaces, during a time where we cannot interact with the works under normal circumstances. The series, ‘In My Room’ is an imagined reality where we explore a transient potential. Each volunteer chose a work from the permanent collection to bring home with them, and by doing this we began to re-negotiate our relationships and proximities to these works and their histories. Plus, they look great decorating our walls!

Toni Onley in my Room, 2021

Anna Be

digital photograph, [Toni Onley, 'San Blas', 1959].

Robert Varvarande in my Room, 2021

Miya Kosowick

digital photograph, [Robert Varvarande, 'Nature Morte en Verte', 1961]

Jack Markell in my Room, 2021
Roselynn Sadaghiani
digital photograph, [Jack Markell, 'The Red Shawl', 1957]
Takao Tanabe in my Room, 2021
James Albers
digital photograph, [Takao Tanabe, Landscape of an Interior Place (Orange Flower), 1957]

Jean-Paul Lemieux in my Room, 2021.

Pamela Aracena

digital photograph, [Jean-Paul Lemieux, 'Jeune Fille En Un Uniforme', 1957]

*this work was deaccessioned in 2018.

Roy Arden in my Room, 2021

Brittney Wilson

digital photograph, [Roy Arden, 'Development #1', 1993]

Jacques Godefroy de Tonnancour in my Room, 2021

Jamie Lewis

digital photograph, [Jacques Godefroy de Tonnancour, 'The Island August', 1956]

Brian Fisher in my Room, 2021

Juliette Karmel

digital photograph, [Brian Fisher, 'Fission', 1965]

William Ronald in my Room, 2021

Nika Afsahi

digital photograph, [William Ronald, 'Sun', 1963]

Gathie Falk in my Room, 2021

Reiko Inouye

digital photograph, [Gathie Falk, 'Picnic with Red Watermelon #2', 1976-1978]

without 'f', 2021

Jerry Tang

printed film photograph


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