Call for Volunteers!

Deadline: September 18th, 2020

The Hatch Art Gallery is looking for dedicated volunteers for the 2020 fall term (September – December). This position is open to all UBC students with an interest in the arts. Applicants will be provided with the opportunity to work in a gallery setting and gain experience with the skills and knowledge required to operate a student-run exhibition space. 

About the Hatch Art Gallery:
Established in 1970, the Hatch Art Gallery is UBC’s only student-run exhibition space. Dedicated to stimulating the exchange of art and ideas between artists, students, and the broader campus community, the Hatch showcases talent from a diverse range of practices. In addition to exhibitions, the Hatch also maintains and displays the AMS Permanent Collection—an impressive assortment of Canadian art that has been accumulating since the mid-20th century and includes works from the likes of Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, E.J. Hughes, and Lawren Harris. The Hatch Art Gallery is located on Level 2 of the Nest at 6133 University Boulevard.

Online Participation & COVID-19 Restrictions:

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we are forced to reimagine our exhibition and programming at the Hatch. We are reconsidering how to utilize the space during these times and have chosen to run less in-person exhibitions. Therefore, we are drastically re-structuring the Volunteer Program to also take place primarily online through Zoom. This year, volunteers will work closely with the Assistant Manager to aid the Hatch by helping to maintain the AMS Permanent Collection. This also provides the opportunity to conduct guided research on the histories of the collection that will be utilized towards producing an exhibition at the end of the year. 

Although the Volunteer Program will take place primarily online, the Hatch is still preparing to have some in-person exhibitions and programs. During these times, volunteers will also act as gallery attendants which entails general maintenance of the space, opening and closing the gallery, researching the current exhibition and answering visitor questions. 

Online Expectations:

  • A commitment to attend the weekly virtual check-ins (via Zoom) with the Assistant Manager for 1 hour. The recurring date and time of the weekly check-ins is contingent upon the availability of volunteers and is subjected to change. 

  • A minimum commitment of 2 hours per week dedicated to individual research that happens outside of the designated meeting times. This work may be conducting research into the Collection, writing updated didactic information on the artworks, editing the statements of other volunteers, sifting through and organizing the Archives, assisting in updating the Website, among other tasks. 

  • Enthusiastic participation in group discussion on research guided by the Assistant Manager. This research will be utilized towards curating an exhibition on the AMS Permanent Collection. 

In-Person Expectations (when applicable): 

  • A minimum commitment of 2 sitting shifts per week; each shift is 2.5 hours. Should a shift be needed off, gallery attendants are expected to organize their own replacement and notify the gallery directors ahead of time. 

  • Opening and closing the gallery.

  • Monitoring the space during operating hours.

  • Obtaining knowledge on the current exhibition and responding to visitor questions about current exhibitions and programming, as well as questions related to the Hatch Art Gallery in general.

How to Apply:

Please email your resume, cover letter, student number, and a screenshot of your 2020 fall semester timetable for availability to

Feel free to include any areas of interest in your cover letter (ie. research, install, writing) and we can work together to make this position work with your interests. 

Deadline: September 18th, 2020. 


Email James Albers at 


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